Practical Information

Duration and organization of EMAUD

The course is composed of 5 modules of 5 consecutive days (from Monday noon to Friday noon) scheduled during the year. Each module counts for 28 hours, which represents a total of 140 hours for the complete course. An optional module of 3 days focuses on health economics for non-economists. The 5 modules can be done separately i.e. not necessarily in only one year, and not in any specific order. The course is validated after the submission of a professional thesis and a publication. The thesis could be either a company case study for professional candidates on a study break*, or a literature review for student candidates completing their Masters or equivalent. The publication should be on a similar topic. We encourage EMAUD students to publish in the journal of MAS: Journal of Market Access and Health Policy.
*Upon request, company study cases will be considered as strictly confidential and will be subject to specific assessment under secrecy agreement. No additional copies apart from the candidate’s original copy will be circulated. The original copy will be returned to the candidate after evaluation.

Academic session 2021/2022

Application session in now open!!!

Schedule (dates subject to change)
Module 1: 27 September – 04 October, 2021
Module 2: 06-10 December, 2021
Module 3: 07-11 February, 2022
Module 4: 14-18 March, 2022
Module 4bis: 09-18 May, 2022
Module 5: 20-25 June, 2022

Admission requirements

Students currently undertaking a Master I or equivalent in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry (all under the 5th year);
Professionals who have benefited from a validated experience (VAE) that in addition to the Market Access diploma obtained will give access to a Master II;
Other candidates who have equivalent qualifications.

Admission procedures

To apply, please send CV and a cover letter to:

Once received, your application will be reviewed by a selection committee. We will then revert to you within two weeks to give you the committee’s decision.


€8,000 diploma

€1,600 per module

*) The attendance to EMAUD courses is compulsory. Tuitions and scholarship fees will not be refunded in case of absence.


The courses will be held online.

Contact Details


Prof. Mondher Toumi,

Administrative Support