Why a course of Market Access?

Market Access is a complex process. It is often referred to as the fourth hurdle in drug development and has become an inescapable reality today. It is nowadays the driver of the global income of a new product/drug. No company providing drugs or devices can expect to succeed without designing a relevant market access strategy early in the development process, and an effective execution planning.

The concept of Market Access requires as much knowledge as professional capabilities. The EMAUD program is situated at a crossroads of multiple disciplines that all form an integral part of a valid comprehensive course.

What is the objective of the course?
  • Get an advanced understanding of the Market Access environment, concepts and principles
  • Focus on the latest regulations and guidelines in Europe and outside Europe
  • Draw a mapping of new stakeholders: how they become inescapable decision makers
  • Provide techniques and tools to implement in the daily business
  • Develop knowledge in decision sciences
  • Allow contact with experts from different organizations, public or private, who are main actors in the health industry and who deal with the issues every day
  • Deliver the best practices of leading companies
Key Learning
  • Set up a successful market access strategy
  • Develop, validate and execute a market access plan
  • Build value story to optimize market access
  • Understand strengths and pitfalls of available evidence
  • Design a pricing research
  • Define a pricing strategy
  • Anticipate the future paradigm changes in market access
Who should attend?

EMAUD is intended for students and professionals (industry and authority) in the fields of life science and healthcare industries.


European HTA and Pricing agencies, Non-Governmental agencies, Industry representatives and Academics at global level.

I really like the EMAUD format. The modules of one week tackle an major sets of Market Access topics.
The programme offers a rich panel of speakers from various sectors.
Student cohort 2011, Grünenthal GmbH
 The EMAUD program has a good blend of theory and practice. It is well structured and delivered by experts and academics with extensive industry experience, this make complex elements of market access easy to understand and apply immediately in the work environment. The EMAUD program gives you a strong knowledge base and confidence you need to develop and execute an effective market access strategy throughout the product life cycle.
Student cohort 2012, Astellas